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  • SEO Consultancy

    SEO is all about increasing the amount of relevant people who are discovering your website. It is a cost effective, long term approach to increasing the visibility of your business.

    SEO Travel is immersed in your industry online and can provide 'white hat' SEO services with long lasting results.

  • Social Media

    Social Media is fast becoming one of the most important marketing channels online. It allows you to interact with your audience, build relationships and is also now a factor in SEO.

    SEO Travel offers consultancy on your social media campaign and connections with key online travel influencers who can promote your brand online.

  • SEO Copywriting

    Writing compelling, search engine friendly copy is an important factor in SEO success.

    At SEO Travel we can write you copy tailored to any requirement, whether it be for your website, press releases or guest copy on other influential online channels.

  • Link Building

    Link building is an important factor in any SEO campaign. Having long lasting, relevant and white hat links can deliver you long term success in your SEO campaign.

    Who better to build links for your travel business than someone who is immersed in the travel industry online?


Travel SEO

FREE SEO Travel Website Audit

SEO Travel takes a unique approach to Search Engine Optimisation. It is focused on the travel industry and built on relationships within the digital community in order to provide clients with fantastic results that are long term and sustainable. The aim is to drive travel websites up the search rankings, deliver targeted traffic to your website and improve your bottom line.

Most SEO agencies will service companies from any industry which immediately limits them. It’s not possible to build genuine relationships across every industry and this undoubtedly hampers the service you are likely to get. SEO Travel is different. It is focused on travel companies and our approach is founded on a deep knowledge of the travel industry and participation within the travel community. These relationships make it much easier to grow a travel company's online exposure through a 'white hat' approach which has longevity and will benefit far beyond the time we work together.

Whether you need SEO consultancy, social media services or specialist copywriting, SEO Travel can help. I offer a specialist approach for travel companies and a relationship with the travel community that will generate the maximum amount of exposure to your target audience. From getting backlinks on powerful, relevant and influential websites to writing guest posts on travel sites with huge, targeted readerships, I have the contacts and knowledge that can bring you success in the search engines.

As Google et al become increasingly intelligent and able to deal with 'black hat' SEO it is becoming ever more important to ensure that your digital marketing approach is a long lasting one which will continue to benefit your website long into the future. I want to help you realise this goal through a combination of SEO consultancy, link building and optimised content.

I will always deal with you personally and work with you to get the best results possible from your campaign. I realise that every client's needs are different and will tailor my service to those needs, whether they are a simple need for backlinks or a complete SEO audit of a corporate website. Through this approach we will always be focused on the end goal of achieving more traffic, more relevant visitors and increased conversions.

SEO Consultancy

Search Engine Optimisation is a crucial element of any travel company's digital marketing campaign and, when done right, can provide a a better ROI than any other marketing channel.

Social Media

Social Media has grown exponentially in recent years, paticularly in the travel industry, and can no longer be ignored in a company's digital strategy. It's also now a factor in the search rankings which means that you need to be participating sooner rather than later.


Informed, inventive and SEO optimised copy for all your needs, whether it is your website, company blog or online PR activities. It's no good having great copy if no-one reads it - that's what SEO Travel is here for!

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