Authorship in Travel and the Importance of Being an Authority

SEO is no longer just a case of building spammy links with optimised anchor text and watching your site sail to the top of the rankings. Those days are gone and it’s becoming more and more important to approach

5 Link Building Tips for New Travel Websites

The online travel industry is growing by the second with new websites popping up left, right and centre. These might be new travel startups, affiliate sites or travel blogs who are all looking to get a piece of

Google Panda Update: What Does It Mean for Travel Websites?

Google’s recent Panda update has hit the world of search hard and sent shock waves through the web. Many huge web businesses have been hit hard and seen traffic plummet by millions of visitors.

The Importance of Longtail & Domain Authority

Search Engine Optimisation campaigns often focus on particular keywords that are specifically targeted both on site and in the link building process.

SEO Predictions for 2011 in the Travel Industry

The search landscape is changing every day, with Google and other search engines making tweaks to their algorithms on an almost daily basis. However, the last few months of 2010 saw some more